About Vinyasa Yoga

Hot Vinyasa Yoga Classes, Carle Place, Long Island, NY

What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa is the unique linking of one asana to the next in an uninterrupted flow. Best described as synchronizing one’s breath with movement. The transitions of the yoga poses are done at a steady, deliberate pace and depending on the style of the teacher, this pace can be slow or more vigorous.

What is the difference between Vinyasa Yoga and Hot Yoga?

The main differences between our Hot 90/60 classes and Vinyasa Yoga are the heat and the postures.

Our regular Hot Yoga is the original hot yoga performed in a 105° fahrenheit room, while Vinyasa Yoga can be performed in either a hot or room temperature environment. Currently, our Vinyasa classes are all hot classes – heated to around 95° fahrenheit.

Vinyasa Yoga is also more of a dynamic flow, of one yoga posture into the other, with breath linking the two. Classes and postures will vary depending on the teacher and style of Vinyasa studied. In Hot Yoga, the same 26 postures are taught in the same exact sequence, each and every class.

What is the temperature of the room in Vinyasa Yoga?

Currently, all Vinyasa classes at Hot Yoga 4 You Carle Place are practiced in a heated room, which are set to around 95° fahrenheit.

Do you offer beginner yoga and advanced yoga classes?

Like Hot Yoga, all Vinyasa classes are beginner’s classes, but don’t let that discourage you if you are already an advanced yoga practioner. The more you attend class, the deeper your postures become, and therefore, more advanced.

Each posture provides 100% benefit if done correctly from the first 1% of the posture. As your body opens up and becomes stronger, you will go deeper and hold the posture longer.

Some helpful tips

What Remember to breathe! Yes, it’s true: Many of us will hold our breath during physical exertion, keep breathing even if you are taking in small sips of air.

When in doubt go easy. Asana means with ease. Push yourself as hard as you can, but at the same time respect your body and your abilities. Patience is one of the most challenging aspects of Yoga. Willingness is the key. Ninety-five percent of your practice is simply getting to the studio. So just show up, no excuses, no compromises!

Discover your body, your mind and your limits! It is your instructor’s job to push you to your limit. But only you know what you feel on any given day. This is your opportunity to learn about your mind-body connection and balance.

It’s the intention, not the perfection.

Ready for your first class?

Your First Vinyasa Yoga Class. What to bring, when to arrive, what to expect.

Rates & Specials. How much it costs and our introductory special for new students.

Class Schedule. See which class time works best for you. All classes are beginner’s classes and there is no need to pre-register. Just show up 20 minutes early for your first class.